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Eco Dog Toys

  • Eco Dog Toys

ECO DOG TOYS 1. Made of jute, sisal, hemp 2. Fully biodegradable incompost conditions. 3. Safe and all natural JSNK ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS Committed to protecting the environment for our planet, JSNK is dedicated to develop eco-friendly Products by using natural plant such as Corn, Bamboo, Rice/Wheat/Cotton husks and straws. Our strong trading background and production experience allow us to source and produce the best And most reliable/suitable eco-friendly products for all your needs. With JSNK Eco Products, GREEN Doesn't mean that expensive any more. We understand the importance to ensure that our customers get good products at best prices, directly From the most competitive sources. Through experience, we know the best way to produce the product And we control the entire process from inquiry, raw material purchase to quality control and overseas Shipment. We hope you can share our concern for the environment and make it better for future generations. FOR FUTURE, GO GREEN! .

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