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Eco Cat Toys - 2

In 2006, JSNK reorganized from a State Owned company to a Private Ownership company to better manage and better respond to the needs of the foreign Customers. This new organization includes: Joint Private Ownership _ Mr. Harris Wang, Mr. J. J. Hao, and Mr. Zhao Zheng Bang Our strong trading background and production experience allow us to source and produce the best and most reliable/suitable products for all your needs. We understand the importance to ensure that our customers get good products at best prices, directly from the most competitive sources. Through experience, we know the best way to produce the product and we control the entire process from inquiry, raw material purchase to quality control and overseas shipment. Management System _The JSNK facilities include production space with equipment for certain products, retail packaging equipment for many of the export products, R&D center for developing new products and a corporate office for management and staff. With this facilities, the company provides better control of costs, better control of product quality, better control/privacy of customer's retail packaging, and predictable production schedules Product Specialist_Effective, English speaking staff manage product development and production with the Chinese factories and meet the needs of the foreign buyers. Customer orders and product details are coordinated through Ms. Anne Dai, Ms. Emily Wu, Ms. Maggie Yang, Ms. Marie Chen, Ms. Sara Chen, Ms. Funy Wang, Mr. Tony Gui, Mr. Pangjie, Mr. Charlie LV, Mr. Tony Shu and Mr. Hmily Zhou. These specialists handle the communication with the customers, translate customer needs to the factories, manage the shipping/documents/payments, and accompany buyers on visits to factories. Full-time QC goes to the factory for almost every order before it is shipped. Welcome to our website, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or any interest in our products. We look forward to doing business with you in future.

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