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Bio-Waste Bag for Pet

100% BIODEGRADABLE BAGS BIOBASE BAG With the increase of the environmental protection consciousness of people, the conventional plastic bags, which may take over 100 years to decompose, are being restricted in many more countries. To protect our earth and being a responsible pet owner, we encourage you to use our environment friendly dog waste bag --- Bio-wastebag. Bio-wastebag has 2 categories: A): Biogradable bags: 100% Biodegradable, 100% Compostable, Polythylene free! The bags are produced with certified 100% biodegradable resin to meet the following specifications and standards: Europe: EN 13432 USA: ASTM D 6400 ( California SB 1749) Japan: GreenPla Australia: AS4736 B) Degradable bags: The bags are produced with degradable resin grades, where compostability is not required or where controlled degradability beyond 6 months is desired. These grades may also be used where customers require a degree of renewable content such as starch. Bags are normally bragment to particles between 6-12 months, they are as strong as the bags made by LDPE and more economical! There are many standards for testing of degradable plastics, however many of these test methods do not have a pass or fail criteria and are therefore open to abuse. JSNK can arrange testing of materials to these standards and report results if required.

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